Multiplayer Replay Update


Ah I see so the IFATC replay is just gonna be their radar replay


Yes that is what the original post mentioned.


You should definitely read the actual original post to give all of these comments some context. Context is key.



This looks absolutely incredible - I can’t wait to use it!


Will replay only be available on the ground?


We have been waited for this since Cosford …I admit I’m disappointed to read that it would come out first only for a certain part of people as it wasn’t what we had been told in Cosford (if I’m not wrong), anyway looking forward to it
Thank you for all your work


Wow this will be the nice update ever


It’s looks like a challenging feature to develop and given it’s being released in parts I gather this is the case. I’m sure it will all be worth it though, remember since Cosford we had new aircraft and reworks so it wasn’t like there was no progress since then. As always waiting that bit longer will ultimately pay off as I myself am always left surprised at what we get in the updates.


so i am guessing the south amercia senery will be released in this update too!


The FAA is coming to infinite flight if you mess up Atc will check the replay and then tell you they have a number for you to call


For real awesome


As with past scenery updates, when the scenery is updated it will be accompanied by its own announcement. It may not necessarily be tied to a release with other items.


If say we are doing a long haul flight, like SQ21/22 of upwards of 18 hours, will it record the entire thing then? @jasonrosewell


Someone asked this earlier and this is what Jason replied ⬆


Any news on aircraft or rework, or scenery nav aids etc?


The above announcement was specific to reply only. They will made additional #announcements when they are ready to unveil other development items.


Just data replays for ATC. No video playback etc.


Yay Jason and the rest of the team! Hyped for this! 😁😄


Now my OCD with mistakes I makes on flights can be reduced


Yes I asked that earlier lolol