Multiplayer Replay Update


thanks for letting me know, there will also be compatibility with the flight hotas controller 4?


How will this feature work, like would it be after you session you can click on to live reply or will you be able to access it turning the session (manly for the flying side of things)


I have only one question which is also justified … I know it’s just a topic to repeat, however, will an airplane be displayed or edited? And will it also appear with the update?

Thank you

Thank you


Would be A great thing to be able to export and/or share the replay file via iCloud files app or something to that effect on android. This will help Pilots get better at their landings take offs procedures the whole 9 yards


Also a very good idea 😉However, this iteration is feature-complete. I would jot down your ideas and if they don’t make it, make a feature request officially in the #features category.


Thanks Jason, I’ll put something together once the initial feature is released/set up properly. Gotta see how it works first of course


Quick question about the replay system:

When you rewatch your flight, is it possible to save the video to your device?


Thank you so much! Ahhhh I have been waiting for so long now! Thank you developers!


You forgot the clouds contrails taxi way lights Death Star USS enterprise and the millennium Falcon


Only by using a screen recorder. We don’t do it natively in the app.


All these updates sound great @jasonrosewell. Thank you! Very excited.

Just one thing though - lav flushing is one of the most important features that needs to be there in the sim. How have you not released that yet? Nobody wants anything else - lav flushing it should be!


Ok one last serious questions for us people who like to make cinematic films/Videos of IF will we be able to switch to another aircraft and get their point of view of us or can we only like view our planes like say scenic view can you go scenic view on other planes or just yours


Wow, this looks amazing! Can’t wait to see the result of this!


Ok cool thanks


Very nice Jason and FDS!


Will we be able to use replay while we control or will the session save to a folder in-app that we’ll access after we close ATC? Or is that undisclosed currently :) Thanks


This topic is primarily for the ATC side playback. I think it would be best to base questions around this, not the pilot side feature which may possibly come later rather than the same update.


Oh so this update is only for IFATC? Meaning that there the only ones who can view this replay? Like the radar ? Cuz I saw that you’ll be able to view your flight I’m confused now…


Spoken like a true politician! 😃


Jason created this topic to make people aware of the ATC side of the replay system which looks like it will be the first ready to release feature so that’s what this topic is for. The feature you are referring to is likely going to be released later based on what it says on the initial topic.

And yes only for IFATC as it will apply to the Expert server.