Multiplayer Replay Update


This is a great feature! I can’t wait to be able to analyze my landings on live and not just solo :)
One question: Will the flight/ATC session still continue as normal for other pilots when the pilot/ATC is replaying, or will the plane/ATC commands appear to be in the same position as where it is during replay mode?


Can we act as ATC controllers in the game?


You already can control ATC on Training, you can’t on Expert until you become IFATC. @Saai_AMIT


That sounds interesting indeed. I’m looking forward to the pilot version of this. It will make the creation of screenshots so much easier. (Maybe you could add like a photography button or something into the replay mode which would take a screenshot without the UI. Just a small idea tht just popped up in my head, idk).

Anyway, I’m looking forward to the upcoming release this year. I’m sure we won’t be disappointed. Thanks for the teaser!


What a great idea 😉


I think we all know what that wink means by now


This sounds and looks amazing! Good work FDS, can’t wait to see more great things in the future for Infinite Flight!


thank you IFC ! good developement


Will we be able to replay on training server in the A350 with the 3D building and the elevators moving?


No more “I was ghosted for no reason”


Will emergency vehicles be moving😜


The swiss always have good ideas @DasMarc 😏


I’m super excited for this. Can’t wait! Thanks for the update, Jason. :)


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


You guys seem to be very involved in what Infinite Flight doesn’t have. We have #features for this. If you guys want some of your things added, vote. If there’s not already one, make it a feature request. (Exclusive to TL2+)

This isn’t the place.


I can’t wait to see what screenshots and videos the community will take and record with this awesome feature! Looking forward!

@danielsun36 @ALCO - Jason has said it multiple times: Infinite Flight has developers who specialize in certain areas. It won’t slow down the development of other features. Let’s not get too off-topic. :)


it is simply an opinion, I think that as a member of if we have the right, we simply say that there are more important things, much less that we do not like what they have published. but if you do not like forgive


This is exactly right :) Replay and aircraft/clouds/etc aren’t mutually exclusive. While we have a developer working on the replay system, we have many working on aircraft, and others working on improving/updating graphics rendering to allow for things like more aircraft, clouds, buildings, weather, smoke, lav flushing (k maybe not but who knows). With our current method of rendering aircraft, it’s literally impossible to add most of these things so there’s a lot going on behind the scenes.

In the mean time, isn’t it cool that we’re still adding other things? :)


Awesome! can’t wait…