Multiplayer Replay Update


@rtg113 is screwed after this update — everyone will be able to see him crash. Great work guys.


Well how is he screwed when everyone can see him crash?


What is the problem with that?


At the moment I am having my IPad take up 6.64GB of space which is a lot how come infinite flight takes up that much space?


Infinite Flight isn’t like a normal app. It has the whole globe for access, but it’s mainly the aircraft. The HD models and features take up a lot of space, along with downloading aircraft. There are probably some other features that I don’t know about, but I would say I covered the main ones. :)


Yup heheh

(But again, really excited for this, will really help out the Team at IFATC)


Well before global it took up like 1-2.5GB but I had all the scenery packs and nearly all the aircraft (this was before the Q400)


Oh wow. Amazing feature, really looking forward to getting to use it


Yes, and that was scenery, but you have the whole globe, along with higher HD models and more model aircraft. There are also scenery updates that take up space, and there are small additions to the system to make things look good.


Amazing Jason! This looks amazing.


Wow! Looking forward to this brand new feature. Cant wait to use it in the future! Great work team!


You said the whole flight so you mean if I fly from Dubai to LAX I can replay the whole thing ? Because on solo mode I can only like replay the last like 5 mins of the flight so it doesn’t record the whole thing fully


The 👏whole 👏flight.


How would that affect storage on devices? A 12 hour recording of a flight (to my knowledge) would take up a lot of storage… right?


I saw them say that it would take up less space than an aircraft download. (Not sure if its fully correct)



I’m intrigued to see how they would do that 😂


Read more of this thread ;) The answers are already here.


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Here, let me help you.


Ok, how do you make it that small? I’m not a programming expert, so I’m curious now.