Multiplayer Replay Update


Love the idea. Definitely not fun scrolling through loads of screenshots when trying to deal with ghostings.


No. It’s not recording or saving video, only network data. So the files will be small even for very long flights. When the flight or ATC session is replayed, it’s streaming data the same way an actual flight would, only it already knows what’s going to happen :)


Will it be available for all IFATC users or just a few? @jasonrosewell


That was 3 questions, but yes, it will come out on the training server but maybe not right away. No timeline to share.


All ATC who are able to control on the expert server.


Yay then I will be able to use it thanks!


Everything that happens in your flight or ATC session will happen in the replay.


@jasonrosewell Ok is it coming out on Expert for all the bugs to be fixed and then it will come out on Training server


Looking great Jason! Thanks for all the hard work you guys do for this game, couldn’t picture a better team to to work on IF then what is currently here today 😁


This is great! This should make ghosting complaints a lot more easier to understand! Well done guys! 😆


@jasonrosewell This is at a very early release so bugs will be expected


This looks like an amazing feature, I can’t wait for it! It will make controlling a lot easier! Thanks so much for the update, Jason!


Make sure not to tag devs. ;)


Eaven for those of us it doesnt directly affect I think we are all excited to see this moving forward!


I noticed that you guys posted on IG and said the replays will take up less than aircraft in terms of storage, do you have an estimate of how much one hour of controlling will take up in GB or MB?


Thank devs! I can finally see how I land on expert.


@JT_Playz ok


Yes!!! I can’t wait to get great screenshots and watch my wonderful landings :)


Sure. This isn’t set in stone as they might still be optimized before release, but a 3 hour controlling session is currently taking up 24MB of storage. A test flight that took 01:14:50 to fly is 11MB.


Everything sounds really awesome. Thank you for keeping us informed. Can’t wait for it. -Once- again, a big thank-you to the devs, they are doing a great job!