Multiplayer Replay Update


Hopefully this will finally put an end to the constant stream of “why am I ghosted” and “IFATC did an oopsie” topics.
Any chance of this type of flight-in-review function coming to the pilots, not just ATC?


Sometimes when I am landing on live, I can’t see if I have a smooth landing or not, and this will really help!


I am actually hopping that the developers can add a feature for the ATC and for all planes, which is we can talk directly to Tower and planes by microphone, at the same time, keep the old style like conversations by pressing the dash boards, it will be a great feature if developers create this feature. Nicely don’t by the way ;).

Keep up.


awesome! i love it


Talking to the ATC and other aircraft though a microphone is something the developers don’t want to add, there are many reasons, the main one being bullying. But yes, this new feature stated in the firsts post of the topic is one definitely to look forward to bro, can’t that!


That’s a incredible notice


This would be a marnivolus update allowing people to learn from their mistakes and think about how you can send this to a friend or a recrutier to see how a normal operation goes allowing them to better themselves.


It’s getting close guys! Who is excited? 🎉 😁 🎉


This is awesome! Can’t wait too! Looks like Infinite Flight is progressing!


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Some more info here:


Can you answer me a question? Where do I buy the aircraft separately


In App Purchases was removed with the release of global.


With the replay, will we have access to different views like what we have in solo now or just what we could see while flying? (Same for ATC) also will there be a way to do like a time lapse? Like now on solo but maybe even faster…?


Replay will be the entire session exactly as it happened. It will be like you’re flying, but you’re not. You’ll be able to switch cameras, pause, scrub, etc.


Nice! And for the replay speeds? For example the timelapse which was leaked was it just a screen recording without any edits, or was it recorded at normal speed and then accelerated when editing?


“Exactly as it happened.”

Not included: your mom making you do laundry, your cat absconding with your tablet, etc.

But get your stories in order first, everyone.


Exactly. As. It. Happened.

Time lapses will have to happen in post production.


But you are able to speed it up? Faster


I think the functions of the replay would be the very same way that we currently have in Solo mode…