Multiplayer Replay Update


After you’ve finished your session in game, you can view the entire thing inna replay.


would this be the same thing like solo mode


It would be similar to Solo mode, but instead of only recording the last 5 minutes of your flight, it records the whole thing, from spawn in to spawn out.

As mentioned above, it will be released to IFATC first, which we will be able to utilise in controlling.


oh thats sweet, that will be a nice thing to have. Thanks guys. Happy landings


When the pilot replay version is finally released in the near future l presume… how will the replay handle a FIP with a wifi disconnect and at what point will it resume since even for only a few minutes the AP could have likewise disconnected particularly on certain aircraft like the C-17 and will it still record what happens even if you cannot see it… and if you get system violations from uncontrollable airspeed or other changes


Cool beans!


Thank you team members for working so hard on this!!!


Awesome! Can’t wait.


Every time an announcement comes out, I regret even more why I even bought other mobile flight sims. There is no way that those flight sims could even compare to what this one has to offer, not to mention the capability, and potential that comes in such a small device for such a small price. Thanks so much guys for keeping my faith in this sim every update.


This is So Exciting Can’t Wait to see Replay


I couldn’t say that any better good post

Thank you so much for sending the message.


Sounds cool, can’t wait for this!


Ah! Infinite flight so pumped for this keep up the good work. Hats off!


Oooo I want more news on the things that are coming otherwise just say it’s a surprise :))


In my opinion, they are currently just working on the Multiplayer replay feature. I do not think there is any surprise or whatever. Other features will come in the next months. Just tune in on what they say in the Announcements category. :)


will if assistant be heard if it is released for pilots?


Good question, no idea. I do not think so as this replay feature will only support the in-game audio, that would also mean that ATC will not be able to hear what music is playing in the background, because In-Flight Assistant is a separate app. Just my opinion. :)


Oooo I cannot WAIT! I wonder what IF will accomplish this year


yess! I just got into expert server and I have a history of a few reports that way if I get more it will be much easier to figure out