Multiplayer Replay Update


IF LLC don’t announce their intended release dates - because then its a surprise when they come out :)


My best guesstimate would be in March since their first update of the year usually comes in March. Don’t take my word for it tho.


Ladies and gentlemen we’ve got em

I also love the new update that’s coming I don’t know fully what it is but I’m going to learn it a little more but on the whole great job👌


This is great! Now we can see the flight history what we or someone has done.


What would be the range of the recorded data though? Same as the ATC’s scope?


Range of the replay session is exactly as long as the session itself. Start to finish. Controlled for 5 hours? No problem; replay is 5 hours long.


Will we be able to know when IFATC receives it?


Of course as with any updates with new features you will see it announced!


I was just wondering solely because we won’t receive it ourselves but IFATC will.


Good update with the controller thing to review reports. I can remember one time I was unfairly reported. Great addition!


They don’t have a release date. It will be released when it’s ready


Including the probable surprise


Are we getting more announcements on other things that are gonna be coming out with this update ?


As per usual things will be announced when they are close to being released. If nothing new has been announced then its fair to to say nothing new is coming or it’s a surprise in which case you won’t know until the next update has been announced as released.


this is gonna be useful


I can’t wait for this… for all you who act up as soon as the ATC leaves!


will a visual and actual flight replay be included?


A possibly ghosting option for accessory after the fact…sounds intriguing !


Don’t know how to use this feature on my ipad.


It isn’t out yet mate. You will know how to use it once the update is out as there will most likely be a tutorial on the feature. 👍