Multiplayer Replay Update


I feel like this list of stories should be published somewhere for everyone to view… but obviously any names anonymised for any privacy concerns. Would be a very entertaining read!


I would gladly pay a monthly subscription just to read it once…


Alright I’m all for supporting Infinte Flight but let’s bring it back a bit on the whole money thing 😂


WOW! Wasn’t aware of that. Now I’m really excited!!!
No other sim comes close to IF in this regard of recoring your flights, etc.


Bon débarras, Live ghosting/violation disputes!

It’s French for “Good riddance”.


When this update releasing to everyone who play the game


Hi Marquise,

As noted earlier, Replay as its been known, will be released to the IFATC folks first and then gradually rolled out to the rest of the folks. There’s currently no planned date or proposed timeline as to when this will take place but given the work history of the development team and the beta testers, I don’t believe it will take very long. Stay tuned to this topic and other topics posted in #announcements for additional information. As new info is released, you’ll be one of the first few to know. Thanks for the support!



Will this update appear on an airplane or will only be the ATC replay?


The answer is right above you:)


Where I did not see it :)


The replay will be first released for the IFATC team (ATC replay) and if everything goes on plan, it will be released for the rest of the pilots (pilot replay)


Maybe next time you can read the whole first post instead of asking someone to read it for you. Not being aggressive, but it’s just a bit annoying to see. 👍


People you did not understand me … and yes I read the report and am aware that it is initially only available for ATC …

My real question is whether it will be an aircraft so a rework or a new plane
Comes an Airplane?


Nothing has been mentioned about a rework or a new addition of an airplane. Keep your eyes in the #announcements category though, you never know :)


We don’t know what will come in the next update, this is the only thing announced to us so I can only assume it will be just this but the devs are known to add some nice surprises with some updates.


Thanks that was my real question … I’m curious hopefully something new comes with ;)


This is so awesome!


Amazing Feature indeed! I see many recording possibilities. Thanks FDS


Can wait to test it !


what date is the new update coming out on