Multiplayer Replay Update


Hello, pilots!

As many of you have likely noticed, this morning we teased Multiplayer Replay on social media.

Naturally, with that announcement, we’re getting lots of great questions! To help out, here is some further clarification for you. The first iteration of this will very likely be on the expert server and only for IFATC. This means that pilots won’t have replay ability, however, this could change before the release!

ATC replay will show an exact replay of the controller’s entire session. This means they can replay the session and scan the replay for key events. Warnings to pilots are denoted by yellow bars on the timeline, and red lines are reports (ghosts). Just relying on screenshots will be a thing of the past when this feature is released as controllers will be able to pinpoint an exact scenario and either take more screenshots or record a screen capture video.

Please note that this is still very much a work in progress and our beta testers are testing both ATC and Pilot replay. Pilot replay needs a bit more work, but it’s coming along very nicely! The idea behind that is that you’ll be able to replay your entire flight exactly as if it were in real time (same aircraft around you, same control surface animations (flaps, spoilers, etc), etc. You’ll be able to pause, scrub, and skip backward and forwards in your flight. The data will be stored in a replay file on your device and the filesize is surprisingly small, so you’ll barely even notice the storage requirement. More on replay files later!

We’ll share more about this later! If you have questions, feel free to ask but we may not be able to answer yet. Again, this will roll out to IFATC first on the expert server, unless we’re able to reach more development milestones than initially anticipated. We have more in the development pipe for future releases that our non-replay developers are hard at work on, which we’ll share in due time!

We’re excited to bring this cool new feature to you soon!
Happy flying.

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This looks so great!

Ghost complaints will be handled so much easier now!


YYAAASSS New Awesome Photos Coming your way!


Amazing feature! This will aid IFATC a lot when it comes to ghosting pilots


Very cool for the controllers! Thanks for sharing this update, thanks for keeping us in the loop!


Lets not have the next 200 messages being either speculation or “when will it be released” ;)

Great work as always, keep it up!


I love this idea! Seems like it would help people understand why they were ghosted. Also would be nice to see full sessions of what IFATC sees. Great work guys!


This is sick! Can’t wait.


I have no idea why people call this a game or a sim. I would rather call it a limit buster. Amazing work as always!


And the teasers begin!


Yes! I’m so happy I can finally flex my -589249523 v/s butter landing on all of y’alls! Also great news to hear that ghost reports can be solved much quicker now, keeping our expert server for experts only! Can’t wait!


Will this update strain a already low performance device?


With this update, will engine turn on/off and strobe light on/off show up or do we have to exit replay mode to do those things?


I wouldn’t expect the replays to be buttery smooth… But as far as I’m aware, it shouldn’t really impact your device performance at all, it’s just essentially a recorder function that saves directly to your device :)


this is awesome, I’ve always wanted to rewatch my butters


Awesome, we will now have video proof for those crash and ghosting incidents!


Awsome feature and great help for IFATC from users confronting Them about goastings


Then that would make this game really sophisticated and professional…loving it


Yeah! This feature will help expedite topics such as “I got violations and/or ghosted for no reason”. Folks will eventually have their own proof right before them. This is going to be such an amazing feature. 😉


@jasonrosewell one quick question will it come out on training server or has it already and if it will get added when?