Multiplayer Landings

Yo,is it just for me that everytime I watch planes landing on multiplayer it’s very lagging and for example the wheels aren’t rolling or like the suspension is just not working…
Is this a bug or something like a setting?

In order for the game to run smoothly, it requires a great connection and internet, especially at busy airports. That could be one of the culprits of a laggy connection

What device do you use? WiFi might also be an issue

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It’s not a bug, I believe it is to ensure that the quality of the game on your device is high. IF I think makes it so that the quality of other planes isn’t as good as yours so that you get the best experience.


Wifi 50 mbits with ipad pro 10.5,so full settings

Ok, I also have this problem, like others have said before it is likely too preserve quality.

Hope you have a great day!

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Well okay then.Thank you and also have a great day :D

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So it’s basically everywhere.
Yesterday I flew with my friend from Stuttgart to Palma and we were the only people in range of like 200 km and the bug was still there
By the way my connection is very good

If you have low power mode on for IF, after 2 minutes of inactivity on the app, it will enter that mode. From there everything will start to lag until you click on the screen again. This helps save your battery life

The landings are laggy because the data about airplane location isn’t streamed at 60-ish frames a second, which, while making it look silky smooth, will mean you’ll need a bit more than 1mbit to run multiplayer. So then, the location is streamed a couple times every second/every couple of seconds, and IF tries to fill the gaps in location data by estimating where the plane would be. In flight it works perfectly, because, well, in flight everything is mostly predictable, but during landing, a lot of parameters constantly change, so that’s why other’s landings could look weird in multiplayer


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