Multiplayer Gear Glitch

In GAF, we do a lot of formation flying and multiple people, including myself, have reported a reoccurring glitch.

When another aircraft renders in, their gear/boom configuration are reversed on screen in flight. E.g. when the gear is up on their device, it is visually down on other people’s screens. This usually occurs if they have departed from two different airfields. To fix it, we usually recycle the gear by tapping the gear button twice. It is off-putting to fly about with a flight lead’s gear down at high speeds/altitudes.

Iphone 13 Pro
iOS 17.1.2

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I have noticed as well when flying into any airport and nearby aircraft that rendered in appear to have gear down even though it is up

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Might be a problem with their servers. I would maybe also recommend that you have a stable internet connection as it can interfere with it. Or maybe it’s a glitch in the game’s script I’m not really sure

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Thanks for reaching out about this. We’re aware of this issue happening sporadically and it’s on our list to fix


So it’s been on your Fix list for 2 years? Interesting

As we posted on our timeline, improving multiplayer stability was a big focus last year:

Lots of the internal server code was rewritten throughout this process, and state synchronization bugs like these can occur due to a number of different reasons.

The majority of these bugs were fixed which improved stability (i.e. disappearing aircraft at busy airports) but there are still some sporadic side cases which are still on our list to investigate and address.


Oke then :/

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