Multi-tasking While Flying

With the number of supplemental websites (Facebook, charts, slack) and apps (IF Assistant, etc) I am asking that you pay attention to and consider the amount of multi-tasking that you are performing while flying and controlling on a single device. ATC will often see aircraft disappear and reappear over and over. Often times planes will reappear on short final and causes havoc for the controller. This is even more of an issue during busy times like FNF.

Sometimes checking slack or facebook quickly will work, but other times spending 20-30 seconds away from IF will cause the drop to occur. I do not have the IF assistant but I know others have spent time on the settings screen and they dropped.

I know that both the server and pilots will have sporadic communication issues from time to time, but I am talking about anything that you can do to not cause any additional outages. I know that this is not an official root cause or anything and is purely something from observation. Just something to think about, thank you!

I am not blaming the devs or anything like that, nor do I want this thread to turn into “Why dont FDS do this…” sort of thing. I am simply asking to consider the multi-tasking that you do. If it gets out of hand I will close and set fire to this thread.

Edit : Thanks for the input. We went off track talking about features and other opinions so I closed it. Have a nice day!


Hi I actually made a request about a possible solution a long time ago.

Give it a read if you get time


I would love a pip feature for IF.


Exactly, that’s why I always use my laptop for LiveFlight maps and for STAR/SID charts at the beginning of my flight. If I am doing a group flight I communicate with my laptop. And not to mention the connection outage is not really beneficial to the entire feel of the flight.


Once I leave, it never let me back on.

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What wouldn’t work for most things- you can’t check facebook, slack, charts etc using PIP

I am saying make IF in the small window not the other way round

I’d rather like to see a way that flights are quicker. Last fast forwarding them because in reality nobody actually going to do a full 4-8 hour flight without getting bored

  1. No
  2. No
  3. No
  4. No.
  5. let me think about that. No.

If you dont want to do long flights dont. There are plenty of people who want to do long flights and just because you do not have the time to do a long flight doesn’t mean there needs to be an option for you to speed up a long flight. Laura even said that any time manipulation feature will not be added to IF and that it is only for the developers to test and find bugs.Legally this is a game, but the intention of the developers is to create as close to a real life flight experience as possible. That mean no “fast forward button”.


I agree.

Ok we have gotten off topic talking about feature requests.

Do you speak for all the members of the community?

Hmmmm… no. #mindblown :D

To add on to my fellow colleague’s statement, pay attention. If you want to miss an intercept after awesome vectoring because you were watching a Nyan Cat or FailArmy video, not my problem. As a pilot, focus on your plane when under stringent ATC control as your destination approaches.


As requested.