Multi-Leg International Flights

Do you get to stay on the plane for the next portion of the flight if it’s on the same plane? I searched this on Google and couldn’t get an answer

I would assume that you could if you’re continuing on the next destination. Wouldn’t they just stop to let some passengers off at the first leg and refuel?


  • LCY-JFK via SNN
  • SYD-JFK via LAX
  • DXB-JFK via MXP
  • SIN-JFK via FRA
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Sometimes yes sometimes no.

For LCY-JFK you do not stay on the plane for BA1 as you get off to pass through US immigration & customs, but you do for BA3 since this arrives at SNN too late to preclear.

Another one for your list is BA15/16 LHR-SIN-SYD - I believe you do have to get off at SIN for that one.


When i went to India, i got to stay on the same plane for my connecting flight. IT was from Airport A-B-C

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IIRC 9W does that whole scissor hub thing out of BRU.

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PTY-STL via MCO (I went in a Copa flight, then in Orlando I switched to a Southwest flight to St. Louis)
STL-PTY via CMH and MCO (For my return to Panama, I went to Orlando in a Southwest flight, when the plane arrived to Columbus, I just remained in the plane and then the plane departed to Orlando, I switched to a Copa flight and then I finally went back home.)


I live over by CMH!


I’ve flown this up fo Frankfurt from JFK (Singapore Airlines is amazing). You have to get off for the A380 to be refueled. You have to go through German customs from what I know.

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When I flew LHR-SIN-SYD in 2000 there was an 8 hour stop over at Sin, we got back on to the same aircraft but in the mean time had to disembark.

More recently I flew from Dalian in China to Singapore, there was a stopover at Guangzhou for 2 hours, mainly in order to complete customs before flying on with the same aircraft. Again we had to disembark.

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Air New Zealand has AKL-LAX-LHR. From what I understand, they have a transit lounge at LAX where the passengers continuing on to London can wait in. Because the US has strict rules about international transit, and US airport terminals have easy access to the outside world, this is an anomaly to most situations. It makes it so the NZ-UK travelers don’t need such transit visa. And of course ANZ has fifth freedom rights, so you can just fly LAX-LHR or visa versa.

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There was a Virgin flight LHR-HKG-SYD. Got called off for the SYD leg. That flight was a 5th freedom flight from HKG-SYD. Operated by A340-600

Now the route is operated by a 787-9 HKG-LHR

Cathay’s and Phillpines YVR-JFK is also a 5th freedom. Both operated by 77W.

Philippines also operate YVR-YYZ as 5th freedom

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JNB - IAD, 1 or 2 hour stop at Dakar for drop-off/picking up passengers and fumigation, no disembarking

We had to get off at Quito and Lima but I guess as it was domestic from Galápagos to Quito we were allowed to stay on in Guayaquil.
Also, I have done MPN-RGL-PUQ-SCL
On the usual MPN-PUQ-SCL, we have to disembark at Punta Arenas but at Rio Gallegos we stayed onboard, possibly due to the fact that Falkland Islanders aren’t allowed inside Argentina

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