Multi-leg flight around the world (7 Continents)

I’ve been on infinite flight on my device for roughly 72 hours now, non stop, flying and landing at every continent. Starting from RPLL (Asia) - KJFK (North America) - SBGR (South America) - FACT (Africa) - NZIR (Antarctica) - EGLL (Europe) - YSSY (Australia) - RPLL (in sequence). Currently at London Heathrow under the callsign Philippines 420PR. Departing for YSSY by 12:45 (Zulu Time) on expert server. I have one problem though, I keep getting disconnected from Global Server, my internet is very fast and stable. I even landed blind on my approach to RWY 27R at EGLL relying only on my aircraft’s instruments because the scenery failed to load. Anyone got a solution? Thanks in advance!

Try clearing your scenery cache for the loading problem. What server are you on?

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Anyways, getting disconnected from global has happened to me too. For me it flickers global and disconnected. I do not know if it is related to long haul flights as it occurred multiple times on my flight from Los Angeles to Seoul which was about 13 hours 5 minutes.

Hopefully you will get a solution. I would rather put this in the “Support” topic but I am not trying to be a negative Nancy.

Got exactly the same experience, unfortunately, the app crashed, 72 hours of effort was wasted, and IF doesn’t load in my device anymore after the incident. Will contact support about this. I will be staying away for ULHs for the meantime after IF loading issue will be fixed. Thanks!

Could also be the fact it was 72 hours. Some devices are not up for that and it is a rare chance it could survive more than that.

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