Multi-angled approach into Chicago Midway's Runway 22L

Since I am banned from the Expert server for another 48 hours, I took to going back to the roots of my videos - landing challenges

After scrolling through the threads, I came across a post on the Flightradar24 thread, about a peculiar approach @ Chicago Midway, which gave me an idea - to attempt it on IF.

So, enjoy and dont be afraid to give feedback/ suggestions on this type of video or content ideas for the future.


That seemed like an interesting approach. I want to try that the next time when I fly to Chicago Midway

That was a cool approach! Not sure if the passengers would have appreciated that flight though


That is a very interesting and fun-looking approach. I wonder what the reason for such an approach is. Maybe tall skyscrapers in the vicinity.

This approach is always fun to watch, I live next to midway and while driving the Stevenson expressway you can see the turn base.