Mukundan_Srivatsa's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ LFBO

I created a new thread because my old one was closed because I couldn’t edit it anymore.

Currently OPEN at LFBO, Please stop by, Practical Test is TODAY

14L and 14R in use

@skynatkee @Vignesh_S

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Hey, I have some feedback for you:

  • On the last pattern, you sequenced me #2 traffic to follow on RDW, I was confused on who to follow, because I believe I was the only one for 14R, everyone else was on 14L I think (correct me if I’m wrong and if I was supposed to follow G-PMKY)
  • and also on the same pattern, I reported full stop before you cleared me, so afterwards instead of saying “cleared for the option” , saying “cleared to land” is correct. If you had “cleared me for the option” before I reported full stop, then “roger” is fine only.

That’s all from my side. Good luck on your practical :)

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@Captain_Cign I’m just about to close, sorry

just doing one quick pattern ;)

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No big major mistakes from my point of view.

But I want to mention few things:

  • If an aircraft is doing G/A, while other is taking off, he should receive cancel takeoff clearance, hold position command.

Good luck on your practical, and don’t rush it, slow and steady wins the race.

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Thanks for the feedback @Vignesh_S and @Captain_Paul

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Only a late exit command from mw the rest was good! Thanks for sticking open there bud!

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Hey Mukundan, not to overload you with only little details I wish you a good practical! Good session!👍
Cheers Stef

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Hi, G-PMKY here.

Only one major issue for me: on my inbound you gave me a pattern entry of right downwind for 14L once I was already past the downwind leg heading towards the tower. A better plan might have been to let me overfly and enter left downwind instead. I had to make a sharp left turn and descent to get back round to the downwind and taking care not to land on VIGGY who was almost directly beneath.

You cleared me as number one for 14R ahead of VIGGY despite them already being established in the pattern ahead of me, but you corrected that when you saw me joining the right downwind as instructed. Perhaps you actually intended to give me left downwind originally, since it was for 14L? But then you cleared me for 14R, so I’m really not clear on what your plan was here.

Apart from that my circuits were smooth and well-coordinated. Shame about Airbus 359 not really being sure how to fly a pattern properly, I don’t think that helped you (but of course you won’t have it on the practical).

A tip for the practical: get ahead of the pilots, anticipate what an inbound might ask for and keep a gap open for them, and don’t over-control with “extend downwind” - a sequence should be sufficient for spacing, unless you’re trying to make a space to e.g. insert another into the pattern.

Good luck!

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Thanks for the feedback! I didn’t realize how close you were to the airport. so I was trying to avoid an overfly, but that’s my mistake. The following sequencing kind of messed up and I had to change some things around, sorry about that. Thanks for stopping by!

Yep, I thought that might have been the case. Don’t forget I had to lose 1,000’ feet of altitude somewhere so actually letting me run on a bit and descend gently into the left pattern would have been nicer for me. But it worked, just about!

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