Muggy Departure Out of Richmond

Muggy Departure Out of Richmond

Waiting for takeoff clearance out of a muggy Richmond this evening…

Airport: KRIC

Server: Solo

Yes, I've decided to kinda join in on this "Rain" trend, but with a little twist.

Well, I think you nailed it. I love the photo!

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Wow that’s the best one I have seen!

Probably the best rain edit ive ever seen. Easily beats the rest 👀

Literally the best rain shot I’ve seen on the IFC, absolutely fantastic!


Yep cool … 👌👌

I thought you said you were getting sick of this rain trend.

Very nice shot either way mate

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yes and no.


Wow So great Can I ask that to be my Profile Picture Its really good!

My home airport!!! Btw irl or IF?

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As well done as it is, how much infinite flight is left there? I mean it’s well done, but I’ve always been a bit meh on heavy edits like this, just seems to be counter to the category to me…

Your the second person who’s actually done a rain picture in the interior (I did mine in the cockpit) and that is amazing!
I also love the cloud effect, did you need to rub out or trim out some of sticker? (if it is one)

I think we need more rain interior shots

What a great shot Nick!

That’s really beautiful!! It also looks pretty realistic.

What did you edit it with?

Very nice realistic rain shot

Great photo, nice twist, you did this rain thing perfectly!

Rain pic are now famous, everyone posting this, I liked it.