Muffled Reverse Thrust

I’m not sure if anyone cares, but can we please get rid of that horrible sound when you use reverse thrust? It sounds fine in the cockpit, but outside the aircraft and on the wing views, it sounds like my ears are about to fall off. #ripheadphoneusers

THIS is what it’s supposed to sound like… Smooth.

This is what it’s NOT supposed to sound like… Death.


well do know that when you go into the wing view you aren’t inside the aircraft like in the video… just turn down your volume lol


It will sound like your vid if you use idle reverse thrust. When you pull the throttle all the way down in IF, it is max reverse thrust (100+% N1). That is loud in IF and in real life.


That’s pretty much what it sounds like outside the airplane.

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Inside the plane it’s a muffled sound, but outside it sounds loud. The wing view in IF, is actually outside.


Noted. Thanks. I won´t use 100% next time.

Not my video.

I likes that but got some reasoning. If there was a cabin view it would be that quiet hence why the cockpit is quiet. But since IF does outer view it causes it to be a deadly noise to kill ears. So that’s why. Case Closed?

But in Infinite Flight, you’re not in the cabin looking through a window ;)

So to solve the problem, since we don’t have cabins yet, they can make the reverse thrust sound like its inside.


Now that is a good idea though.

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1: Nice video!

2: Jesus CHRIST that’s loud!

3: Still sounds nothing like Infinite Flight’s reverse thrust of death.


There would also need to be an engine sound overhaul as well. Not all plane engines sound the same which is why I made a topic about that.

For me the thrust reversers in IF sounds like my vacuum cleaner, very loud…


If the reverse thrust sounded like MY vacuum cleaner, I would be pretty satisfied. :)


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Lol, I thought that second bump was the nose gear. I forgot about how the A330’s gear tilt comes into play.

Anyways, back on topic.

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I like that high pitched sound when it is first deployed. If we had that!