Much Respect to ATC's

I was just running the tower on KNUC in playground and what a challenge that was. People were sending multiple messages and not even the right ones. Some were requesting transition immediately after takeoff. I even had a few requesting to takeoff from their parking spot. I love doing ATC but it can be very nerve-wracking when there are like 20 people not knowing what to do at the same time. I have more respect for people who can handle that and assure that my flight experience runs smoothly. And for that I thank you.


Nice to know when people recognize the struggles of being an atc on playground

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Welcome to the playground server: where anything can happen!

The Struggle is real man on the playground server.


Welcome to the playground server, enjoy your stay!

Aircraft “San Clemente tower, N123AB is 11 NM east at 5,000 feet, inbound for landing requesting runway 24”

Tower “N123AB number 1, runway 24 cleared to land”

Aircraft “Number 1 cleared to land runway 24 N123AB”

(2 minutes later on short final)
Aircraft “N123AB is on final runway 24 full stop”

Tower “N123AB you’re already cleared to land, avoid unnecessary reports”

This Drives me crazy!!! Haha I can’t wait to make advanced ATC. It’ll be nice controlling people who know how to handle ATC and actually know the difference between right downwind and left downwind.

I think if FDS came out with a quick 5 minute instructional video on the basics of talking with ATC on a live server. That would help so much!


And make it mandatory for any new comers who want to fly on the playground or advanced servers. That they must finish the five minute instructional video before gaining access to the servers


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Hello sir!

Unfortunately this is the playground server for you! I had this problem as well. I’d advise to become an advanced controller on the advanced server! Way less fools fooling around and more mature pilots! I’d visit this post here Infinite Flight ATC Recruiting - #34 by Max_Jan_Zurcher and take action in accomplishing your tests and becoming an advanced controller! But please meet the requirements that Mr Tyler Shelton has commanded us to do! Best of luck! And please enjoy your stay here! If there is any problem at all, contact one of the moderates and there will be happy to help! :)