Much more than “Just a callsign”

This is truly disappointing. I have been an IF user since before global was even something we thought possible and this might just be the worst action we as pilots have ever seen taken. This is a disgrace that discredits the countless hours of hard work staff and pilots out into all Virtual Airlines. Having a callsign such as DLVA or ACVA distinguishes independent user from those who are striving for realism amongst the sophisticated VA and VO’s we have here in the IFVARB. I didn’t realize how big this really is. This really isn’t just about callsigns, it’s IF being ignorant to the fact VA pilots make up a large number of their users and forgetting that we are paying customers not inexperienced kids they can control. We VA pilots, staff and members need to form together as one to fight against these big corporate bullies who have made the decision to strip us of a key part of our identity. Hearing that callsign come across ATC is an honour that we have now lost to a promise of “don’t worry we know some of you are bothered but good things are coming”. We pay hundreds of dollars to this company and for what… that’s right to have our communities ripped apart on a promise of “good things are to come”. This is enough Infinite Flight. It’s time you see the problems we have all seen for a while. It’s time you acknowledge us rather then use fancy words and pretend you are better than us! We are the reason IF survives, we are INFINITE FLIGHT!


Hello! Please read @jasonrosewell’s comment regarding this matter:

There has been a abundant amount of topics about this. Please direct your conversation here: A Message from the VA Community to the Infinite Flight Community

I am a VA CEO myself, and I’m trusting our representation in the development to work this out.


Come to think about it. I won’t be able to be AVIA2929. And @Aviation6 would loose his iconic callsign AVIA6 which I love and it is sad to see it go

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I personally don’t agree with the fact that they are “corporate bullies”. They really do work hard and we should appreciate that. However, I do understand the frustration that people in VAs have. I myself am a part of 6 VAs. It’s definitely a bit controversial, but I think that this will not be the biggest challenge VAs have faced.


That is appreciated and thank you for sharing the link, however the basis of this post is not about loosing a callsign or being able to add ONE VA to our account. It’s that people are realizing this is no longer the mobile flight sim once loved by so many.

I’m very sure this is going to be “fixed”, I feel your outcry, but there will be a sure solution. Again that topic was opened by a mod A Message from the VA Community to the Infinite Flight Community . if you read the comments you can see things about multiple VA’s.

Wait what?

Speak for yourself

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Please see the compromise that Philippe offered earlier today. Infinite Flight has read and listened to the feedback and the statement below should address a few of your concerns.