MTPO taxiway portal

Device: IPad (6th Gen)
Operating system: 16.3.1

Hello, today at MPTO, right before taking off on 03L, I was taxing via the the furthest point taxiway on the edge of the runway using a 757-200. My aircraft fell through the ground, and started to make insane maneuvers underground.

I’ve attached a screenshot.

It caused me to incur two level 1 violations and demote me from Grade 5 to 3.

Username: Montey

Has anyone else experienced this before ?

Please message @appeals with the replay & some information explaining what happened, they will remove your level 1 violations because they were caused by a technical error

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Thank you !

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Are we just gonna dismiss the fact that u were grade 5??!


😂 Literally got it yesterday and this happened


In regards to the issue experienced, I’d recommend trying these steps from the user guide:


It’s a shame you had your Grade downgraded for that. But I couldn’t stop commenting on how funny it is to see a plane in this “atypical situation” hehehehe. I hope everything works out for you, good flights!


I would’ve been so angry.

I’ve had this happen in many places! YSSY, KSFO, KABQ… etc
Happens once and a while, I hit the end so fast haha. It thinks I’m going Mach 1 when I’m just falling through the earth, it gets annoying. So I feel ya :)

It’s been handled :)