Mt. Everest seems to be the wrong altitude...

Through conclusive testing I have concluded that Mt. Everest is almost 3,000 ft. Too low… IF seems more accurate than this, so this one threw me for a loop. So I looked up the exact geographic location, and found a peak about .09* too far south, but I figured that was it, everything else was at least 10mi away, so flyers be ware, Mt. Everest is too low!

Are you sure you were at Mt. Everest? The Himalayas are a huge mountain range.


Agreed. Gotta make sure you’re in the right place bro!

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I checked the exact cords, I found them on google, and cross checked them with the aircraft location all the way to the left of my bottom bar…

Also, do you mind circling the location where Mt. Everest is in one of your photos? Would help the developers, so they know what they are looking at.

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Did ya’ check ‘em again?

I think this means he checked twice.

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I will try to get a better photo I have a video…

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I mean, I could not think of a more exact way than the exact cords, you got a better idea?

Hmm, a better idea, eh?

I’d say nose dive until you crash into the peak, then record your altitude MSL in your replay, in solo, of course.

That way, we find the exact altitude if your coordinates are right, I think…

I’m not smart at all…


Well I thouched it itch my gear, so pretty much the same thing, and eaven without crashing into it, I was right over it at FL26 and in theory it goes up to FL29

Hmm, okay then… 🤔

Send me a screenshot

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