Mt. Everest Flight / Worlds Most Challenging Airport

The worlds most dangerous airport, and the most scenic flight of all time, flying over the worlds tallest mountain, enjoy the pics IFC

VNKT (Katmandu) / VQPR (Paro)
Expert server
1 hour flight time
(Text then photo)

Ready for pushback at the capital of Nepal

Himalayan mountains right behind us as we lift of

We all know that mountain! Mt. Everest!

Dodging the mountains on approach

The risky S turn on short final

A smooth touch down in The airport surrounded by mountains


Me who was thinking that you were going to fly a A320 into Lukla…

Jkjk nice photos! Sounded like a cool approach!

Nice photos, BUT, I do take issue with the title. Dangerous implies that the airport (Paro) should never have been built. A better, more appropriate title would be “Worlds Most Challenging Airport”. Challenging implies that Paro is not an easy airport to land at and only the most skilled pilots should land there.

lmao there a another airport that is dangerous in the world TGU Honduras airport MHTG

Same thing with MHTG, it is a challenging airport to land at, NOT dangerous. I’ve flown in and out of Lukla, which is considered by many to be the most challenging airport in the world. It’s not, if the pilots have the required training.

ok I will change it guys :D

I took off of lukla airport in an 787 and the views of my Everest were great btw I like your pics

will i actually did flown in IRL at tgu and the short runaway flying near the mountains u get real close to it and decent rate slow speed so it challenging and also it has to be small planes like a b737-700 or the a320 or a319 or a challenging one b757 or embraer jets it has to be small bc small runway runway length 6,631 feet only one runway oh and also it u have to do a turn to land safely at runway search up video about it

hmm interesting, I will check out that airport!

Exactly. It’s not dangerous, it’s challenging.

u sure? bc there were some accident and incidents there dont u think that when u see a airport dont u think is challenging or dangerous

Yes. Challenging approaches are inherently risky. Meaning that there is a chance of accidents if there is an error (pilot or maintenance). Like I said earlier, dangerous implies that the location of the airport or the design of the airport should not have been allowed.