Mt Cook Airlines BAE 146

Hello today I bring you the Mt Cook Airlines BAE 146 and I know what your thinking @Lovethisgame isn’t that Air New Zealand and yes it is but Mt Cook Airlines is the name of the division group. Mt cook Airlines equipped 8 of these Ex Bae 146 after the collapse of Qantas New Zealand though these aircraft hadn’t gone to long many people don’t know that Air New Zealand (Mt Cook Airlines which is based in NZCH) owned them. The Callsign for this aircraft is Mt Cook how cool is that.

Look here

I’d love to see this Livery come into the app when/if the BAE-146 comes! New Zealand is so beautiful to explore! :)


@Johnathan_Kwiatkowsk Mount Cook Airlines is an former Operator of the BAE 146, but i can tell you we have a lot of former operator liveries in IF. Best plane to show that: The 767 from BA, they retired them i think not even a month ago. Shout we remove every livery and plane that is not still in service?

If that would happen, i would cry :( because seeing AirBerlin aircraft’s in a simulation remember’s me to those good times of AB. I still miss them and i am happy that i can still see them here. It isnt a problem when there are old liveries or aircrafts, because IF is still a Game!!!

We need a new short haul plane or updated E-series! So this idea is good, there are a lot of possible BAE Liveries and i would love to see the 146 in the game. Now i need to steal a vote from somewhere :/


Although the aircraft might be banned or the airline might not use them anymore. Its still fun to fly aircraft that aren’t flying anymore.

Still, nice to see an older aircraft with the ANZ livery. Got my vote!


Oh yes I love this! It’s amazing to explore beautiful NZ in this amazing aircraft! You have my vote!

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A funny thing is that the rego is ZK-NZN which has been carried by that aircraft a DC10 and currently a 787-9. I hope this definitely gets added

I would like to see this livery and aircraft. Note, Qantas New Zealand didn’t collapse. It now operates under Jetconnect.



We need this in the game! ANZ liveries are my favorite. I would pay to have this in game!

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Good plane I would like to see it in IF just not real life well sort of I’ve never seen one just know a lot about it!

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