Mstical's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

You crashed!You crashed!不不Worst landing. lol 不

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Youre open right now? I dont see you at EGLL

He was doing 250knts + Ground speed, not airspeed. You have to learn the differences in ground speed and airspeed corresponding to the weather when IFATC.

Also remember to close your threads. Ive done this for you this time.


Nope (I need about 50 more ops to get to 500 :)

Wind was really calm and he was at 400 ft. It wont differ that much in such a low altitude right? Especially in 3kts of wind. Is that right?

I opened the thread twice today. Closed it at first and forgot for the 2nd time. I am sorry about that.

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He would not be able to go above 260knts, about 270-300knta on your screen without him receiving violations.

um excuse me but I was at 1500 tyvm

Bro no . I gave an extra eye on people who actually attended from the thread. The last thing I saw before you crashed you were at 400 ft and at 250 kts. These are not accurate number but you understand me ( 350-360 ft) And 240-250 kts.

He will receive in a certain amount of time. Since he immediately crashed into the ground . It didnt count. He turns insanely. With about (240-250 kts) and hes already low (because he also turns so Early into base and final.

250kts is what you saw, thats ground speed. I was way slower than that. And According to my replay, I was wayy lower than that, if anything a bit too low, which is why I was unable to complete my turn successfully.

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I will see the replay give me a sec.

Yeah sorry. You were at left crosswind when you hit the 260 kts Mark. You were at 150 before touchdown ( before crashing). I just saw how you crashed. I mean
extreme turning and diving in an a350 is considered trolling .

I am opening at LIPZ right now. Come and join along!