Mstical's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Please come if you have time. I am really looking forward on becoming IFATC. Please Tell me some feedback. And thanks!


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Instead of opening large hubs where you may rack up operations and traffic, it is highly unlikely that you’ll get good practice from that airport.

You know the deal with EGLL on TS. For good atc practice, open up a more unnoticed airport (FAOR, RJCC, KPDX, etc) because you will not get trolls who mislead your practice but professionals from the community who give you accurate feedback to improve.

Even if no one shows up, know that it’s better to have no traffic rather than misleading traffic that can commit unorthodox actions to mess up your training.

Happy controlling.


Thanks for the feedback! I mean I have been controlling now for an hour. I mean 50% of the traffic don’t even know what are they doing. (Asking for frequency change before switching to tower from ground) (requesting takeoff while remaining in the pattern but not remaining in …)
That’s Training server. And that’s why I really want to be IFATC! To control people who literally know what are they doing. Again thanks for the feedback and have a good day.

Still open?

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I can open for you!

Are you IFATC Or something?

I will come for pattens, you will see I am grade 2 because I got 5 violations,I am IFATC Training Pilot

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You’re more than welcome!

Your display name?

IPP Cris Ye

Ok come @EGLL training server.

I will DM you. We will get this filling up fast!

Bro you literally Crashed. Sorry for telling you to change frequency to departure. People are spamming me.

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Trust me, it’s normal as the worst pilot on IF. I turned final way too soon. Anyways, you did a great job!

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That’s why I told you it was a poor decision to open EGLL for an atc tracking thread lol


You were also doing patterns at more than 250 kts 😅😅

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cough PHNL cough

I was wayy under that, at about 194kt

Lol I literally deserve it. But you know I can’t sit down for an hour without any traffic.

No while you’re on downwind. You were at 250 kts.