MSP is making a comeback!

I have lived in Minneapolis for many years, and I’ve seen several airlines come and go.

The good times for MSP
Before 9/11, MSP was quite large, with major airlines such as Air France, KLM, Delta, Northwest, TWA, Pan Am, Continental, etc. MSP was actually the 12th busiest airport in the WORLD

A huge hub for one of the world’s largest airlines
Northwest had a huge amount of routes out of MSP going to many, many places all over the world.

The decline
However, after 9/11, Northwest cut back some routes, TWA went out of business and several airlines such as Air France and KLM (who used 747s) cancelled their Minneapolis routes.

The failure
Then, Northwest went out of business and we lost many routes out of MSP.

The Comeback of MSP
In 2012, we got direct flights to Reykjavik on Icelandair and we got our first true ultra-low cost carrier, Spirit. In 2013, we got the first signs of a comeback as Air France re-started direct flights to Paris Charles De Gaulle. Then, in 2014, Condor Airlines started direct flights to Frankfurt.

The slowdown
Between 2014 and 2017, MSP didn’t see much growth, but once 2017 hit, MSP started to grow exponentially.

More growth
In 2017, KLM returned providing year-round direct flights to Amsterdam. However, the flight became profitable enough that they began Dreamliner service during the winter months. Then in 2018, JetBlue began to offer non-stop flights to Boston Logan at a very low cost. And finally, coming up in 2019, Delta is adding a direct MSP to Seoul flight in addition to the direct to Tokyo Hadena flight. Also in 2019, which I am personally very excited for: Aer Lingus starting direct flights to Dublin from MSP.

And this year, MSP was named the Best Airport in North America.

All this growth has been amazing for MSP and I hope it continues to grow more. Especially the addition of Norwegian or WOW would be a game changer.

KLM even had a specific 747-400 for MSP

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Isn’t Sun Country an ULC Carrier? Their main hub is at KMSP.

But I’m glad to hear that KMSP is growing.

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They’re not ULC- they usually price around the same as Delta, but not as good of a product

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I’ve been to KMSP once before and that was this summer and let me tell you: The airport was crowded!

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Yeah- in 2016 MSP was 49th busiest in the world

Omg, I am only 100 miles away and I cant believe it growing again.

P.S. I wasn’t even born when 9/11 happened.


@Gabe_Z, Oh my gosh same! I was born in 2003!

Maybe if MSP grows even more, we would see more routes to MSP out of SJC. Not just Delta Airlines. We could possibly get Sun Country to come to SJC!


Yeah that would be nice


Yeah- KLM actually had a “City of Minneapolis/St. Paul” 747-400

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Glad to see it coming back it’s a great airport :-)


I live in shakopee so MSP is my home airport, it is great to see it getting some love!

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That very close to Valley Fair and it cool place, but MSP is like 20 miles away from you. There a lot of airport in Twin Cities.

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This is a story I can certainly relate to, good luck with your recovery!

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Forgot to mention that MSP was rated as the best airport in North America


I would like to see Virgin Atlantic come to MSP and operate MSP-LHR direct. As of now, Delta only operates a 1 time daily year around flight to LHR that leaves at 10:30 pm.

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Yes! I would love Virgin Atlantic to come to MSP, however I don’t think they will in the near future sadly.

I think I mentioned eirlier how I can relate, it is really cool to see another airport rise from a similar misfortune, and go the same trend, best of luck to your comeback!

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