Let me start this off with some philosophy. The great Chinese philosopher, Lao Tzu said “ A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step,” which indeed is how my journey of about 1,000 miles started off at 4:45 AM when I stepped into an Uber on my way to the airport.

We pulled into the surprisingly busy departures hall at MSP’s terminal 2, just after 5:00 AM. A lot of the early morning flights to the east coast (and Florida) leave at this time (Providence, Boston, New York, etc). Check in and bag drop was a breeze, as was TSAPreCheck, for which there was zero wait.

After clearing security, we found our gate (H4). Our flight crew was waiting there, and, when our captain returned from the necessary Caribou Coffee run, I asked about the weather.

The night prior, Minneapolis had been slammed with some pretty gnarly thunderstorms, which had since moved east toward eastern WI and Lake Michigan. He showed me on his flight iPad our new route, which involved slicing across a “calmer” part of the system, to stay well clear of the severe bits with hail.

Soon enough, boarding began, right on schedule.

Seat 23, my view for the day. Thanks to the amazing detective work by @TheCanadianPilot , the plane next to me is heading over to San Fransisco on SY’s early morning trip.

Our plane, N850SY is a 9 year old Boeing 737-800, initially delivered to FlyDubai.

We pushed and the safety brefing started, and oh my God was this guy funny.

It started off pretty normal, but then he got to the smoking rules. “Smoking is prohibited aboard any Sun Country Airlines flight, but key word aboard. If you do feel the need to smoke, do let a crew member know, and we’ll be more than happy to open the door for you.”

”If our captain’s ego gets big enough to make him think that he can turn a 737 into a boat, we’ve provided some handy dandy life vests for when it inevitably doesn’t work out.

”Even though it is not quite 7:00 o’clock in the morning, I know one of you is gonna be drunk- this IS Minnesota. Federal regulations prohibit the consumption of any alcohol onboard this aircraft not provided by Sun Country flight attendants, and we are not afraid to cut you off!”

The whole cabin was absolutely DYING. I’m so bummed I wasn’t recording.

We taxiied over to runway 30L, and took off a whole 6 minutes ahead of schedule. It was a totally full flight, and the takeoff roll felt kinda heavy.

The far northeast corner of Bde Maka Ska (a lake), as we neared Downtown Minneapolis.

Comfortably up at 37,000 feet over Michigan, I opened up Hulu and started catching up on the new episodes of Only Murderers in the Building, which I had downloaded while waiting at the gate.

I had gotten some version of a breakfast from Starbucks in the airport, and was planning to supplement with food from the plane. Well, over Iron Mountain (far west UP of Michigan), as the crew was preparing the food service, the seatbelt sign flipped on and the captain informed us that the weather had changed a little more than expected, and a further deviation would be in order. Things got a little bumpy as we surfed the clouds up at 37,000 feet, just barely above the wispy things at the top.

After about 30 minutes of light-moderate turbulence, things smoothed out, but we were told that they didn’t have time any longer to do a food service, just drinks, because of some more moderate turbulence expected in a few minutes.

We did, indeed encounter some more bumps, over Lake Ontario and near Toronto, but not too bad.

This picture shows us beginning our approach and landing into KBOS.

We broke through the clouds on final approach onto 04R.

Flaps 40, gear down, almost there! I think this is a place called “the Seaport District,” which seems fitting.

Our landing (video linked below), wasn’t horrible, but not great. Right on the touchdown markers, but slightly firm.

Bonus Shots

FR24 screenshot of my flight, thanks again to @TheCanadianPilot

Korean Air B777 arriving in from Seoul.


Crew: 10/10
Seat/Comfort: 7/10
Food/Service: 5/10
IFE: 7/10
Landing: 6/10

Takeoff and Landing Videos:


I am also very happy to announce that I did this flight in IF, aka SY251 in Infinite Flight! Prior to my friends departure! As well as departing the same gate and arriving the same gate!

What a journey from Minneapolis St-Paul to Boston Logan! Glad to be flying with my mate!

SCX251 on approach via the JFUND2 STAR (ILS 04R APP) into Boston!
With my mate in Seat 23!

My completed flight! Parked up at Gate E6 at KBOS


This is so amazing that you did this along with me, just one minute quicker than my real life flight was!


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Nice pics mate!

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Thanks! The sunrise was incredible.

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Flew from MSP just a couple days ago:

Yes, there is a Sun Country plane:

No, I did not fly on Sun Country 🤣


I kinda wanna see some pics of a Sun Country’s plane interior.

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There’s this really cool tool called Google, I’d highly recommend

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Check out some of my other Sun Country trip reports for some interior picks :)

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Ya I don’t think I’ve ever heard of that…what’s google??

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Just some little multibillion dollar company.


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