MROC spotting

Currently at Costa Rica, about to depart. Flying a BA 772ER over to Heathrow. Pretty windy here, 17G29K, so we will be taking off from 07, meaning a difficult departure, as a 180 degree turn is made to avoid the mountains.

I’ll post more pics if I get the chance, and if I manage to get a window seat for takeoff I’ll post it.

Sorry for the low quality pics.


Great pictures! Hope you get that window seat!


Thanks! I don’t think I will sadly… :(

Well maybe there is some nice passengers or spare seats!

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It’s a very full flight, so sadly I don’t think that’s possible.


8(, Better luck next time.

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Cool pictures, thanks for sharing some CM planes too! I really miss them :(


Hope you had a good flight bud, really nice pictures

Doesnt british airways fly to gatwick from san jose?

Yes, the route was announced in 2015, they started operations in 2016.

i know but it says from thats to heathrow in the descriptib

No, it’s from Gatwick, like Carribean flights. :)

Thanks all!

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Nice, i really like the photograph of the Copa airlines taking off.


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