MROC is overflowing

Well I just landed at MROC and wow it was quite an experience. A plane was cleared for takeoff just as I was on final so I had to go around. I was on right downwind runway 7 when the center frequency closed. The only frequencies availible were tower, ground, and ATIS. This poor ATC guy had about 80 planes announcing inbound at the same time… Pretty much everyone was told to continue inbound which just caused chaos. Most people were flying heavies which was funny because today was a GA day. I’m not going to pretend like I wasnt flying a 738 but why were people flying a350s and 772s?

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Who was the controller?

Ground & Tower is @VulicityHD and departure is @Jakub_Astary

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@VulicityHD is controlling tower and ground at MROC right now

You may wanna contact when they are done with their session.

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I don’t think this had anything to do with a report. The OP was just showing sympathy to the poor guy on Tower who was left alone to handle the inbound traffic haha


There is a large volume of traffic.
Center and approach have opened to aid tower, expect some delays, even a holding pattern if needed.


Dude, you shouldn’t be publicly shaming another controller on the forum. Anything like this can be addressed via a slack pm. They had many inbounds on a single runway with no radar, things like this are to be expected.


Yes… I just checked and it shows that center reopened.

I dont think he was doing anything wrong whatsoever. An airport like MROC should have that many inbounds. I actually regret flying when I did, I should’ve flown earlier to help regulate the amount of traffic

To be honest I don’t see any purpose of this topic. Controllers are volunteers and controllers are changing with the time. If you want to talk with the controller, contact him via pm.

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I haven’t shamed him at all. Yes, I understand that there are so many inbounds and yes delays are expected. Just that even I did people should be careful with overloading themselves cause I did it and it meant the way I don’t want it to happen, so I just want him to avoid that.

If you dont like this topic than leave. No one is forcing you to comment

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Let’s not let this take a negative turn, everybody

Controllers work with that they have available; just because they may have just gotten an extra 20 planes calling in at once, and you have to wait a minute to hear back from ATC doesn’t mean that you are forgotten. If you are resequenced or told G/A, it’s usually to make everything more organized and streamlined for everyone around, even if it might not be desirable to you at that moment

Speculation does no good except fueling things that don’t need to be 🙂


Saying he shouldn’t have opened it if he can’t handle it is basically publicly shaming him as you posted it on a forum with around 40,000 members, your concerns should have been raised with a sup/ the controller himself on slack.


Its busy. Let the controllers control it.