MrJackT14's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A [PRACTICAL PASSED]

Hey IF Players!

I’m currently training to be a IFATC, and I am wanting to practice even more, so if you have any free time I would appreciate it if you could join and give me some feedback.

Airport -
Departures - Remaining In The Pattern

ATC - Tower and Ground

I will update the Thread when I am online.


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Stop by and get some patterns in:)! Would appreciate it a lot:)


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Hi I was N642RD,
Overall you did a pretty good job. My runway change was good and so were my clearances. There’s just a couple things I have. When I requested a transition, you approved me at or above 4,000 which was a little higher than needed. A good rule of thumb is the airport’s MSL plus 2,500 rounded up. So in this case that would mean 26+2500=2526 rounded up to 3,000. One other thing is when I called inbound for landing, you forgot a pattern entry. Since I was inbound I needed an entry before clearance.
Sorry about the confusion I caused at the end. I was planning on being done but then I saw J-HONNY and thought that I would do a couple more so you could practice sequencing.

Thanks for the service,


That was totally my fault! I thought I had selected 3000 as that was of been fine.

Thank you very much for stopping by and for the Feedback:)!


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Hey Jack…I was n83MA x club… …nice controlling …nothing specially to say…u handled ground and tower awesome …smooth Instructions…hopw you become a good controller…🙃😊😊

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Thank you for stopping by. Appreciate your comment:)!


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Airport is now CLOSED.

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@collin12353 @Hari

Would it be ok for me to tag yous when I open the Airport:)?


2500 is fine. It’s only 26 feet


I’m fine if you can tag me.

Airport is now CLOSED. Opening again at 20:00z

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I can stop by in about five minutes.

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I will stop by!

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I am spawning and crashing in the gate lol…

Ok so…

You did good ngl! Just a few mistakes!

  • When you gave me cleared for the option when I was in the F-22, but you didn’t add the “after the option, make left/right traffic.”

  • And you gave me the exit runway command when I was at 30 knots. Exit runway commands should be given in between 70 knots and 40 knots.

You did good! Just a few mistakes to work on!

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Sorry, app crash, cant give the most accurate feedback, but I will post here what I have seen.
Transition was perfect, 3000ft, maybe you could have granted it a bit earlier, but I’m sure this is not a mistake at all!

When I requested inbound, you gave me left downwind 26R, maybe was better to put me at 26L as there was no lack of separation between me and the other aircraft, anyways, maybe was a way for decongesting 26L…

Well noticed that wrong sequence, quickly corrected with the correction, stand-by. Actually, I would have used the “correction, disregard last message” asI were number 1 for 26R and no sequencing was required.

Try to keep the opposite pattern directions for parallel runways, keep left traffic on 26L and right traffic on 26R, you cleared me for the option with an “after the option make left traffic” while I was at 26R. Giving the same pattern direction for both parallel runways is reserved for airports with terrain, such as KPSP, which left traffic is not possible due to mountains at the left side of the airport.

This is a recommendation: The aircraft you told to hold short 26R could have clearly taken off, I were more than 3 miles out of the threshold and still on base.

Nothing more to say had issues at the gate at EDDT, later I flew inbound but had an app crash at base, and still can’t access the replay

Enjoy your journey to IFATC, continue scheduling trainings with your trainer and opening on the thread. A few more sessions and you will be fine!

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That was my bad, I thought I had issued to make left/right traffic.

I usually get the exit command speed on point, however in this case I was a bit late with that command, apologies.

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Thank you for the Feedback!

Requesting runway changes is something I’m working on to get better at as well as making left/right traffic as I keep getting confused, but definitely working on it!

Thanks again

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Just continue scheduling with T-AIPEI, practice makes perfect

You did good and had a pretty good amount of traffic show up. There were a few mistakes made, but you corrected most of them.👍

  • After my first runway change to 26R it would have made more sense to tell me to make right traffic after the option instead of left traffic.
  • After my second runway change back to 26L I needed a traffic direction since I was using a different runway again.
  • One other thing is there were a couple times when you cleared me on base. It’s not exactly wrong as you can clear me whenever but try to clear me on downwind especially when there are multiple aircraft in the pattern.

Good job, keep up the good work, and in no time you’ll be IFATC.

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