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I think it would be nice if they added the new Mitsubishi Regional Jet as it is such a cool plane, and proves a significant step for Japanese aviation. (im Japanese)


I support this. It’s something different from the usual Airbus and Boeing. (I’m half Japanese)


SkyWest is going to order some of therm.

I would like to see the Liveries of the current buyers implemented as well. It would be fun and as Narroc_Wim said it would be unique

Looks like a cool aircraft

I believe that a US carrier has also ordered it (i’m 1/4 Japanese)

Embraer E-Jet with Dash 8 nose.
Meh, don’t really think we need it.


No, its different because its better

That makes no sense.

Sure it does

It’s very similar to the Embraer aircraft already on IF and so I think a better variation of planes like the Concorde or the MD11 will be much better to have or even the A350 ;)

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I do understand that but I would like to represent my nationality by flying in one

The a350 is very similar to the 787.

It’s a really nice looking plane. I support this!

It’s not though really, other then similar fronts the aircraft is different hence why they aren’t competitors. The A350 is designed to compete with the B777

They made it to compete with other regional jets

Yes I am aware all I’m saying though is there are other aircraft that would be more appreciated I mean people don’t use the Embraer aircraft on IF so I doubt this plane would be used a lot, I get why you want it it looks nice and I wouldn’t mind it but I personally would prefer other aircraft.

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I still want it. If it is implemented into the game you won’t be forced to use it

I wouldn’t bet on it coming any time soon unfortunately after the B787 which should be in the next update I don’t think they will make many planes as people want global flight.

Already have 787 and new livery would not be as exciting as a new plane