MrHighFlyerVATSIM's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ AYPY

Australia 🇦🇺 (GMT+10/11)

Welcome to @MrHighFlyerVATSIM’s IFATC tracking thread for my written and practical test. I am solely here to manner my atc and decision-making skills while controlling on IF.

Status on tasks below:
Written Exam Awaiting
Practical Exam N/A

Thanks to everyone who is able to join!

Server: Training
Airport: AYPY
Frequency: Ground and Tower
Status: Closed
Runways: N/A

Adding tags along as we go, apologise for ping
Tags: @BT_HANDLES @Fourthnebula919 @Hellople @GolfZuluZulu


Tag me when you open, I’ll try to come by!

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Sure thing!

Looking forward to seeing you in the IFATC team soon mate!

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Can you tag me when you ae open?

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Sure sure!

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Opening for approx 30 minutes, possibly up to an hour if I continue to have this time available.

Server: Training
Airport: AYPY
Frequency: Ground and Tower
Status: Opened
Runways: 14L/14R for Departures and Arrivals/Patterns

Tags: @BT_HANDLES @Fourthnebula919

ahhh I’m really sorry, cant make it this time

That is completely fine my friend! See you another time :)

At this time we are closed. Unfortunately, no one could join this session.

For those who could not attend, no worries we always have another session coming! See you all then

You can also tag me, I will try to attend when I can but I make no promises during weekdays 😅.

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sure thing! fair enough guessing school all good mate

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Just a quick message, I won’t be able to open for the next upcoming days till next week Friday (30/9) due to major commitments. On this day I will send another message and will try and open!

Feel free to tag me when you next open!

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Alrighty boss

Hey guys, will try and open later today and if not sometime soon!
Will keep ya posted. Just a bit unwell that’s all it is :)

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