MrGoatX's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

I’m trying for ATC again!

General Rules

  • Be Professional and Respect others
  • Correctly use “Departing” and “Remaining in the Pattern”
  • Give your comments after, I want to learn!
  • Have Fun!

ATC Info

Airport: KRDU
Frequencies: Ground/Tower
Runways in use: 5L/5R

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Koreanair 008KE

All was alright, but not when the upwind conflict arrived

I requested change to 5R on upwind having @J-F_V also on upwind, you could extended my upwind instead sending me to left downwind

Message should be “extend upwind, I’ll call your crosswind” but dont send a “turn crosswind” when the aircraft on upwind at 5R turns, you can send the L part (me) enter right downwind number 2 traffic to follow is on right downwind.

Dont overcontroll, you sent me a unnecesary extend downwind I’ll call your base , you could just send me a sequence to follow @J-F_V

On the last pattern, I got first the clearance and then a sequence, remember sequence needs to be first and then clearance.

My GA was pretty early, there was still time for the aircraft can exit, he was near a exit taxiways at like 17kts.


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thank you! i wasnt sure about that go around but i thought you were pretty close to the runway

Yes and not really, even didnt got my 500ft callout, still was time :)

Hello there…

Feedback from CF-JFV


🟢 no conflict


🟡 Wait for a request for t/o from the pilot before issuing instructions. You had a good reflex to hold me short but I’m already supposed to do it so it was a kind of unnecessary command…or just too early before my request.

🟡 On the upwind conflict we’ve created, you saw the problem and solved it so nice work. But there is another way to manage this.

You should:

  • extend the upwind of the plane requesting a r/w change;
  • wait until the other plane turns into its crosswind;
  • Then issue a pattern entry and sequence to
    the plane that requested change

🟡 On me second pattern you cleared me as #1 but I should have been #2 behind traffic on final
🟢 I liked you reflex to cancel my t/o clearance on the GA test since I was on touch n’ goes. Good work for the exit r/w right after when you realized I landed

Overall good job. The airspace was safe. Clear communications. No near miss etc…

Good work!

Thanks for the service!

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thank you for helping me!

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I’ll try to come on sat/sun

HZ-VIP1 Feedback

Initial contact:

  • Transition 3000ft ✅

  • first pattern entry correct Was left downwind Rwy 5R , but it will be better if you give me LDW5L since there is already 2 aircrafts on 5R.

  • Sequence⚠️, no sequence in here and there’s 2 aircrafts in front of ( I should know my position in pattern like in here should be #3 traffic on left base behind Korean air.

  • No clearance ⚠️ since I’m #3 you have to give me clearance #3 with option with direct for first time Left or Right.

  • Second pattern: pattern entry ✅ but no direction in clearance. ( should be to the left)

  • Exit runway 60kts - 70kts ✅

Thank you and good luck.

@MrGoatX ping me next time you open 😝

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ok i will 👍

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i think you went on the wrong runway, i thought i cleared you for 5L but you went 5R instead

ping me too @MrGoatX

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yes sir 🫡


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