Mrbeast6000’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ KFAT

Hi everyone I am currently preparing for the IFATC exam but haven’t sent my application ( I will send my application the 1st of march because I got a violation 53 days ago…) I am currently working hard to be an IFATC and I just wanted to know if I am eligible to pass the written and practical exam. I will be controlling at KFAT taking over ground and tower.

ATIS: Fresno Yosemite airport ATIS information Alpha time 20:00 zulu visibility missing wind missing tempreture missing,
Landing runways 29L and 29R, departing runways 29L and 29R remarks light aircraft accepted, pattern work allowed advise on initial contact, you have information Alpha.

NOTAMS: - Please fly as proffesionnal as in the expert server, inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.

Starting time : 20:00 UTC 23rd of February

If there is some IFATC members who will participate please give me some feedback so I can improve my skills.
Lastly enjoy!


I recommend you controlling this airport on your tracking thread


and also tell what runways you use on your tracking thread.

Tag me next time you open.

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Hi @VibrantPixel! Thanks for your recommended airports, I literally didn’t have any idea on what airport I wanted to control. KFAT sounds a great airport to control. I will update my topic and put the ATIS information right now! Thanks for your interest!

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Feel free to tag me next time you open!

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Hi @Armthnn! Glad you are interest in this atc tracking thread, I will be starting my session at 2000z and finish at 2045z, I will tag you next time, it’s my first time creating a tracking thread so I am discovering. If you are available to fly during my session feel free!

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My session will start in about 1 hour, don’t forget to spawn in!

I won’t be able to make this one unfortunately :(. Feel free to tag me next time though.

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Feel free to tag me in future sessions :)

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No problem @Adventures! Take care!

I will be openning in about 15 minutes if somebody wants to spawn in feel free you are more than welcome!

If ya stay open for a few, I’ll join the fun. Will be somewhat late though.

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Thank you Drxw ! see you in 10 minutes !

i am now spawned in feel free to join !

departing runways 29L and 29R Landing runways 29L and 29R. Visibility 10km, Wind 300 at 10

Wind changed: it is now 310 at 6

Great work! You really seem to have a handle on the proper commands to give and procedures. I’m a tad busy now, but I’ll leave my feedback here afterwards. Really not much to say, it was almost a flawless session!

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Thank you @Drew I appreciate your feedback !

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If someone else wants to spawn you are more than welcome !

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@NavigateNinja Are u closed?

Im still opened