Mrbeast6000 presents: The busy South African airspace ! 12FEB2023

Hello Community, it’s Mrbeast6000 you might have seen me in the skies or as operating ATC, it has been a long time since I didn’t publish any events and I’m really excited to present the event that will be held up in South Africa !

This event will be starting from 1400Z and will finally finish at 2000Z
The main hub will be Cap Town and the second hub will be Johannesbourg (FAOR).
*Please note that there won’t be any gate assignements for this event.



  • Please follow ATC instructions at all times
  • Be a proficient pilot and use unicom frequency correctly
  • Be respectful with other pilot who are flying
  • Lastly, have fun !


That’s all you need to know about this event and I hope you’ll be alot comming at this event ! If you are IFATC feel free to spawn in at anytime this will hence be a first come first serve in order to avoid any conflicts. I wish you all a great day/Afternoon/night !



First pump !

let’s make this event a success

I’m definitely coming to this.

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Appreciate it 😊

Departing FACT with the wonderful afternoon view of Table Mountain…definately worth it

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glad you are liking the event !

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Second Bump ! 🍀

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We need more people! 🙏

Event in a week I really need more people that would be great 😃

6 people is still not enough to make this event happen it would be great to have more !

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If we do not have at least 15 people coming to the event I’ll have to cancel unfortunately

Event is tomorrow

Is there any chance I can get an A380 British Airways going to London Heathrow? It will be an overnight flight i’ll depart at 2am, if not FACT-LTFM will do

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Sure no sign ups will be accepted but go on ☺️

Will do👍👍👍👍

Who ever joined the event thanks for coming!
I’m really sorry for the low attendance 😭

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