Mr Werner Gustav Doehner has passed away

Now you’re probably thinking, Who is Mr Werner Gustav Doehner? He plays a very interesting roll with his death. On May 3 LZ 129 Hindenburg departed Germany for the United States. This was its first schedule flight between Europe and the United States after running from Europe to South America earlier that season. At the time Werner was eight years old. Onboard with him was 62 passengers including his parents, brothers and sisters. “The children would have preferred the decks and public rooms of an ocean liner because space was tight on the airship,” Mr Doehner said in a rare phone interview back in 2017. His mother would bring games to keep the children entertained as they traveled through the air to America.

As the Hindenburg came into the US it began to arrive in New Jersey, "“Suddenly the air was on fire,” Doehner said in that phone interview. “We were close to a window, and my mother took my brother and threw him out. She grabbed me and fell back and then threw me out,” he said.

“She tried to get my sister, but she was too heavy, and my mother decided to get out by the time the zeppelin was nearly on the ground.”

his mother broke her hip.

“I remember lying on the ground, and my brother told me to get up and to get out of there.” Their mother joined them and asked a steward to get her daughter, whom he carried out of the burning wreckage. the family was rushed to a hospital. From there, the family was taken to Point Pleasant Hospital. Doehner had burns to his face, both hands and down his right leg from the knee. His mother had burns to her face, both legs and both hands. His brother had several burns on his face and right hand.His sister died early in the morning. Doehner remained in the hospital or three months before going to a hospital in New York City in August for skin grafts. He was discharged in January, and the boy, a German speaker, had learned some English.“Burns take a long time to heal,” he said.

The family returned to Mexico City, where funerals were held for Doehner’s father and sister, who were among the 35 fatalities of the 97 passengers and crew aboard the airship. A worker on the ground also died.

Mr Dohner was 90 when he passed. There is no longer no survivors from the Hindenburg.



Wow, that is a sad moment. So he was the last survivor of the Hindenburg today.

The Hindenburg will forever be in our hearts. I still don’t know how the fire started though.


Yes very last survivor on it


Do you know how high up they were when he was thrown out by his mother

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No I don’t I went through and read his phone interview with AP and he didnt say, Id imagine a couple of hundred of feet up

Then that’s pretty amazing that he survived
Imagine everything burning around you and finding yourself in the air falling to the ground from a tall height. Not only is the height a factor, but the fact that he could’ve been in any position during the fall (which determines what part of his body he will land on) is also scary.


His phone interview is one heck of an interview! He did it with AP in 2017

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