Mr_Shinkowitz's ATC Tracking Thread - [OPEN] @TVSA

Hi there!

This goes in #atc

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Hit me up with a reply here so I know youre coming

I don’t know how to change it though

I’ll stop by. 😉

Change the top of the title where the pencil icon is at.

Also, take a look at this


Nvm I got it

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Ok @Dylan_M

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I would stop by until me has subscription but me does not so yeah

Oh that’s to bad

When do you plan on stopping by so I can go online

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Make sure to put this in your title:

Mr Schinkowitz’s Tracking thread @TBPB (OPEN)

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You know what I’ll use my phone to talk here

I’m there right now.

Roger 10 4

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Be there in a bit

ok @Avronator

Ok everyone I’m online

I’ll stop by

ok thanks @IF_Aviation1