Mr.Shinkowitz's ATC Tracking Thread - [Open] @ KISP

Airport: KISP


Server: Training

NOTAMS:Come help me on my quest to be an atc and improve your pattern skills one time

Thanks dlva mrmrman

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would you like to stop by

Would love to, but I’m currently busy.

You have another ATC tracking thread as well…

oh oh🙁 that’s too bad

oh and I asked someone to close that for me

if you could pls do

I tried stopping by. Don’t forget to update your thread when you close.

are you there still

Just a reminder, you aren’t suppose to be making tracking threads for every single session you have. One tracking thread is enough for all the sessions that you’ll host. Unless you have another reason unrelated to this one.


I asked someone to remove it

Along time ago

Oh alright.

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