Mr-plane-guy1's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Welcome to Mr-plane-guy1's ATC Tracking Thread!


A little Background Info on me:

Hello IFC, my goal for this Tracking Thread is to help me get better and more confident with my air traffic controlling on IF. After (or when I’m controlling), any feedback is appreciated. While I have not applied for IFATC, I would like to in the future.

Updates will come in the comments in the following form:


Airport (ex:)

Open @ KOAK

Frequencies opened (ex: Tower & Ground)

Runways in use (ex: RWYs 30, 28R, and 28L in use)
(ex2: Landing: 28R and 28L…Takeoff: 30)



Hope to see you @ _ _ _ _

Thank you for reading this, hope to see you in the air sometime!


Activity Log

KSMF (ground and tower) 15 minutes

KSAN (ground and tower) 62 minutes

KSLC (ground and tower) 59 minutes

KSEA (Approach) 26 minutes

KMDW (Tower and Ground) 47 minutes

KCVG (Tower and Ground) 56 Minutes


Open @ KSMF

Tower & Ground

Runways in use: 34L & 34R landings | 34L & 34R Takeoffs


Pattern work allowed
Have fun

Hope to see you @ KSMF

Ready for action at Sacramento Int’l Airport (in NorCal)!

Edit: Nobody came by, but get ready for next time!

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Open @ KSAN

Tower & Ground

RWY 27 Takeoff | 27 Landings


No restrictions

Hope to see you @ KSAN

Coming by!

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Thank you.

Thank you to everyone who came by!

What did you think of my controlling?

Good stuff! Sorry I was only able to stop by at the very end. I think you can pack the touch and go aircraft a little closer together if you want just to keep things moving quickly, but nothing wrong with being cautious. All the calls for me were correct too. Thanks for opening up!

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First off, thank you for the service. I will start by saying that, if you haven’t, my first advice is to direct those who are new ATC to the tutorial videos provided. They were a tremendous asset to me during my journey to IFATC and provide excellent instructions.

Now to the feedback:

-Good and quick ground commands. There weren’t any conflicts, but I am sure you were mindful of where traffic on the ground was.

-Your first takeoff command was good as it directed me to make left traffic and join the other aircraft in the pattern.

-While in the pattern, you are over controlling. This is a very common occurrence with new controllers. You should not be calling every aircraft’s downwind, base, and speed. You gave me the left traffic command on takeoff. Your next command to me should be a sequence (if necessary) and then a landing clearance. You need to trust the pilots to maintain their best speed and spacing. As soon as I was on left crosswind, you were already directing me to maintain slowest speed.

-Sequencing - You seem to have a good understanding of sequencing but you made a few mistakes. At one point, I was on final while there was one on left downwind. A 3rd aircraft took off and you sequenced them as #2 when they should have been #3.

-Sequencing part 2- Keep in mind the aircraft you have in the pattern. I was running tight patterns in a prop plane while the aircraft you had in front of me (a321) was flying much larger patterns. Anticipate aircrafts and their ability to fly patterns. Instead of sending me “slowest speed” directions, you could have sequenced me in front of him as I could have flown a pattern much quicker than him without interfering. The a321 was also flying patterns at 3500ft at an airport at sea level. Jets flying patterns should be 1500ft AAL while GA fly at 1000ft AAL. You could have given him a “descend to pattern altitude” but that is just some extra information.

-Landing Clearance- You weren’t giving any clearance to land until final. You should anticipate the patterns and be giving clearance much sooner. This will come with experience, but try clearing planes to land along downwind.

-Landing Clearance part 2- When you give clearance for the option, you do not need to add “make left traffic” for me. I am already in the left pattern and will remain that way. If you wanted to switch to right traffic, then that would have been needed. Directing aircraft to make left or right traffic is for initial pattern entry, runway changes, and traffic direction changes.

Also, when I call in “full stop”, a simple “roger” will suffice if you have already given landing clearance. You cleared me for the option, but by me saying “full stop” I am letting you know that I am landing and will need a exit runway command.

Overall, you did well and just need to learn to trust the pilots and let the patterns work out. If you are willing to put in the time to practice, you can get the errors figured out. I look forward to flying for you again soon and hopefully one day alongside you on IFATC!



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Thanks for your advice. I will take it into account when controlling from now on. Thanks for stopping by!

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You still open?

Nope, sorry. Forget to change the title!

Open @ KDAL

Tower & Ground

RWY 31L & R Takeoff | 31R Landings


No restrictions

Hope to see you @ KDAL

Now I’ll stop by. N217BX

Sorry about the double takeoff clearances.

Good job just a few things,

  1. A couple times you repeated a pattern entry that wasn’t needed
  2. You also repeated which traffic direction to make on a couple of the clearances you only need to say it on takeoff and if it changes
  3. When the Embraer took off and was on right downwind and I did my touch and go make sure you sequence him
  4. Your biggest problem is you are micro managing your pilots you do not need to tell us when to turn base every-time and or maintain slowest practical speed it is the pilots responsibility for separation only step in if actually needed

Let the pilots fly and it will all workout (if not go-around), Thanks for the service.

Thank you for the feedback. Have a great rest of your day!

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Open @ KSLC

Tower & Ground

Runways in use: 34L & 35 landings | 34L, 34R & 35 Takeoffs


No restrictions

Hope to see you @ KSLC

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Coming by!

Hello! I was there using callsign BIONIC.
Good job. Nicely done using the duplicate frequency change command.

Some issues here. Firstly, there was no need to change my runway. If you have 2 aircraft and four runways, there is no reason to make us do patterns on the same runway.

Second, when you cleared me for the option on runway 35, you should have told me “After the option, make right traffic” because I was using a new runway.

There was no need to call my base, if you sequenced me as number 2 it is my job to make sure we are spaced.

There was no need to give me or LN-WEA speed commands, we are in VFR patterns and it is our job to keep separated. If you are worried, send LN-WEA a traffic alert (in misc messages)

When I reported position for full stop, there was no need to clear me to land. By clearing me for the option, I have the ability to do a full stop. You just have to say “roger”.

Overall, don’t over control by using speed and pattern commands more than necessary. Also, use all available resources! You had 4 runways for 2 aircraft.

Feel free to ask any questions.
Safe flying.

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