Mr_Jetstar’s Screenshot Portfolio: Part 4

Hi All, hope you’ve been well. I’ve been busy but I’m here for another instalment of my Screenshot Portfolio - Now featuring reworked Boeing 777-200ER.

With images #5 and #9 I tried to do something special by matching them with the awesome pictures taken by spotters locally at Townsville. I just changed the routes to serve my preferences better. Please give me feedback on these results.


Jetstar A320-232 (VH-VQB) & Qantas B737-838 (VH-VXM)

Jetstar JQ907 on the tarmac ready for a steady night departure back to Brisbane on tonights service from Townsville. Victor Quebec Bravo started her day in Melbourne before being flown to Sydney, Brisbane and Townsville. Meanwhile in the background Qantas QF760 is arriving more than half an hour late from Brisbane. Circumstances unknown, but the crew of the Qantas plane are shutting her down for the night ready for a morning departure the following day.


Jetstar B787-8 (VH-VKA)

Jetstar JQ38 making the last turn from base to final approach on a lovely summer morning. The red-eye flight started out in Bali and is about to return back home to Sydney.

Omni Air International B777-200ER (N819AX)

An Omni Air International 777-200ER seen at Townsville delivering much needed Medical Supplies for local hospitals, hospices and medical clinics all around the region. The flight started in Melbourne as OY878 taking off at around 06:00 local time before landing 2.5 hours later. The flight then took off 1.5 hours later for Darwin as OY379.

Singapore Airlines A350-900 (9V-SMI)

Singapore Airlines Flight SQ22 takes to the skies for a whopping 18+ hour flight from Singapore to Newark. Taking off a little before 00:10 local time, Flight 22 was running behind schedule taking off just shy of 30mins later. During the cruise the flight step climbed from 31,000ft to 41,000ft flying over East Asian Oceanic Territory, Russia, Alaska and Canada before entering US Airspace until it later started descent and landed in Newark at 06:39 in the morning, local time. To the relief of the 101 passengers now back on the tarmac in disarray who immediately disembarked and ran for Starbucks Coffee.

Western Global Airlines “Generic” MD-11F (N542KD) & American Airlines B777-200ER (N796AN)

Parked at Brisbane’s International & Freight Terminal sits a Western Global Airlines MD-11F which arrived from Melbourne as Western Global Airlines KD8263. This particular plane is freighting much needed Medical Supplies around Australia. Meanwhile in the background an American Airlines 777-200ER is getting ready for pushback and departure, flying all the way to Dallas-Fort Worth with precious life saving cargo for the American people.

Western Global Airlines “Generic” MD-11F (N542KD)

A rare sight as the Western Global Airlines MD-11F from Brisbane lands in Townsville. Still flying around Australia delivering much needed medical supplies, Western Global Airlines Flight KD8878 was met by a crowd. Weather conditions were not great, but it was well worth it for many of the spotters. The plane later departed flying to Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea.

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Awesome photos, @Mr_Jetstar! Well done!

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Really great photos mate, I love what you did with #3 and #4

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Love the MD11 shots! Nice work :)

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great photos and descriptions :)

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Amazing photos mate. Really loving the camera shots for the MD-11F and Omni Air International.

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