Mr.Davi's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] KBJC

Feedback appreciated
April 9th
This will be my last „practice“ session before my practical test
It would be nice if 4 pilots or more show up at the same time , to practice sequencing etc. so I can practice with more pilots simultaneously. Hope you guys join me today for my last practice session at KBJC


Hi there, thanks for the session, I am the 359 VH-FPP. So here are the feedbacks.

  • Be aware that field elevation is around 1900ft, so jet pattern altitude will be a +1500ft, which is 3400ft, 1000ft safety separation for transition makes it 4400ft, however there are no such option, so you should clear transition at or above 4500ft, in which you cleared me at 4000ft.

  • The base calling is really unnecessary, base call are usually used for intersecting runways, to let controller have space for departure/arrival, or provide more spacing for aircrafts using another runway.

  • It seems that you have kind of over-controlled, this include the speed calls, and base calling, spacing should be carried out by pilots, as you have told them who to follow.

  • Every time you clear one aircraft for option, it is unnecessary to tell them make left/right traffic as you have told them what traffic to make when you cleared them for take off or cleared them for the first touch and go.

  • You didn’t provide pattern entry instruction for the A-10, so be aware of that

  • The go around call was made good for the citation, in which we force it to happen haha.

  • Always sequence aircraft one by one, once you sequenced me as number 3 then you sequenced the citation as number 2. It may confuse yourself afterwards if there are more traffic.

  • If you cleared an aircraft for option, then they reported full stop, simply respond roger, since you have cleared it for the option, where the option included landing, it is just unnecessary to clear it again.

It seems a lot, but its just minor mistakes, I’m sure you can overcome it next time.

Thanks again


Thank you so much. I appreciate your feedback.


Hey @Mr.Davi - I was flying in the pattern with @MattBrowns. He listed a bunch of great points.

Mainly, I think you were overcontrolling - which is better than undercontrolling, but still not ideal! Just to reiterate a couple of Matt’s points:

  • No need to call out our base turns or give us speed restrictions. As we are flying VFR, it is our (the pilot’s) responsibility to maintain separation. I will say that a couple of your speed restriction calls were right because we were flying too close to each other at one point, but generally, you shouldn’t need to do this.
  • No need to repeat “Make left traffic” or “make right traffic” after the first pattern instructions have been given. Once you tell a pilot to make left/right traffic, they know to continue that pattern of turns unless otherwise told.
  • Good catch on the go-around that you initiated on me the first pass. As Matt said, we were intentionally trying to see if you would catch that and you did!

Good controlling! I hope this feedback helps!


Thank you, it really helps a lot


KBOI is now open & active

On my way!

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Will give you your feedback shortly. Thank you for the service. :)

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Thank you 🙂

Thanks for joining👍🏻

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Are you open now

I would open at 1630Z
Is that okay for you? :)

Yup I’ll be there

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I’m busy at the moment but I will definitely come and join another session in the near future :)

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Hey there!

Here is my feedback.
First of all I couldn’t spot any mistakes! That means you know what you’re doing :)
I’ve only found one thing that you could improve.
Instead of telling an aircraft to maintain slowest practical speed and then instruct it to go around, you could just send the “I’ll call you base” instruction. Especially when you’re airsace is not that busy that is the way to go in my opinion.
But overall it was a great session from what I saw.
Keep it up!

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Thank you for your feedback and for joining the session 👍🏻

@Aviation3 @Lud_d , @MattBrowns, @Gliding_Central, @Sportiva @BinaryChess @Nils_Esser
April 7th 1730Z

Hey. Quick feedback.
Overall a great session, just like yesterday. No major mistakes.
Two minor things I noted.

  1. After a go around there is no need to send a pattern entry.
  2. If you can exit the runway to both sides you should give the pilot option to do so instead of saying “when able turn right”.

But other than that it was a great session. :)


Okay thanks👍🏻🙂🙂

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And how was the decision for letting @MattBrowns be nr.1 and you nr.2?