MQ9-Reaper ( drone )

Hi everyone!
So since the military field in Infinite Flight is evolving, I thought it would be more fun to offer a drone for some pretty special and entertaining uses.

The drone I propose today is a MQ9-Reaper, developed by the American manufacturer General Atomics, it can fly 1850km with a minimum speed of 54kts and maximum of 215kts.


Thank you for your request!
I have some good news for you! There is already a #features topic for this aircraft which you can find here. You can show your support for this aircraft on this topic which already has some activity.

However, since the last reply was in 2020, it may be closed and this one left open. However, that is not my choice and that will be up to moderator discretion. I would recommend voting on the pre-existing topic for now and let the moderators choose which stays open.

Thank you!

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I should make a suggestion to improve their search bar… I searched three times for the name of the plane and I found nothing…

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I agree, it’s happened to me before. I have to search many different words to find a topic and sometimes it doesn’t appear. It’s annoying. However, unless I am mistaken, this is a DiscourseHub issue and not an IFC issue…
Oh well…

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Love seeing these at El
mirage, Ca 🤝

Let’s stick to the current one for now :)