Moving traffic from SoCal

What staffing app chart?

@LSZH34… MaxSez: “Fly Advanced. We switch up regions daily.” Oh ya!
if your interested citizen watch the In App Staffing score card (Air Space Status). A statistical analysis tells the Tale, SoCal tops the chart for staffing!

@JQW… MaxSez. The chart Title is; “Airspace Status” my friend, it’s located on the selection page in APP.

Regions change daily or every second day. The fact that SoCal is still the most used region is not relevant as long as regions are switched up.

99 are the flights right now at SoCal playground. Its quite a big quantity.

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@LSZH34…MaxSez… One {1} man’s opinion. Want to correct the SoCal loading, over use problem, increase sales of pay regions, advertise and increase useage data for all the pay regions, just stop staffing SoCal icontinually on both servers! Mouths will flock to the flame!

Get a couple of people on the forum to open atc somewhere else and I’m sure people will come.

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Last week i noticed that Amsterdam and London are very popular on PG as well, and i find it as a good trend.

It goes like this {I think}


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Caribbean is also a popular one.

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I never fly in SoCal PG.


I’m the same. Too many Nimrods

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no, peanuts.


I also know from personal experience people like to go to regions that have a lot of people in them! :)

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