Moving to iPad

So, I’m going to be moving to an iPad Pro 11 inch for infinite flight, from a Galaxy Note 10+… Android to Apple. Is there anything I should know about switching platforms, relating to Infinite Flight? Another reason I want to use iPad is for ForeFlight. How does ForeFlight work on iPad?

Hey! Just know by switching from IOS to android you’ll have to pay for the app again. I linked a handy ForeFlight tutorial to get it connected to your device below. :)

Gotcha, my subscription should still stick though, right?

You’ll pay to purchase the app from AppStore but your live(pro) subscription will still be there as long as you keep your google/Facebook account. I’m not sure about foreflight. Welcome to iPadOS ;)

Thanks! I just wanted a bigger screen to fly on since casting to my TV and monitor only goes so far… especially since I’m training for IFATC. Bigger, smoother screen to manage the game


It’s definitely worth it, can’t wait to see you flying on iPad;)

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