Moving to Hawaii for a new job in my virtual career part 1!

But first I need to go to LAX and spend a night before I move for a airline job! Here is the pics! (Sorry I haven’t posted in a while)
Server: Solo
Route: LAS to LAX
Time: 43 Minutes
At the gate! Time to sleep for my big flight tomorrow!

Safe and sound with some bread buttered we’re in LAX!

This is your captain speaking we are now descending.

Time to sleep and get a snack it’s cruise time!

Off we go! Smooth takeoff!

Taxing to takeoff! A bit weird being a pilot myself as a passenger!

About to board the amazing A321!


I am aware it’s the wrong way, bare with me.

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Why the take off is after the landing? It disturbed me. But nice shot

It’s the wrong way sorry

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