Moving replied to topics away

It really annoys other and I that topics that are commented on come up in the latest categories, amongst new topics. I feel that it would be a lot better if they where in a seperate category, so that we can choose to see new topics only.

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What else do you want? Topics from 3 years ago?

Also this is a Discourse (the thing that runs our forum) thing, not a IF featrue-y thing.


That’s exactly what I don’t want, topics from years ago coming up !

go up to the three bars and choose “new”, this will let you see only the new topics…

the home page is for the latest commented on topics so you can get in on the action!


If its a features topic with continued discussion and support, why would you not want it to? I just don’t understand the logic, sure it sometimes makes sense for bumping topics from 4 years ago, but if there is a continued productive discussion, why censor it? If anything that’s something that should be promoted.

OP requested closure.