Moving post?


I posted a topic a while ago and it was closed because it was in the wrong category and I should of posted it on an existing post created by someone else.

Is there any way I can move my topic to the relevant post without having to start again and write it all out?

Cheers πŸ‘

Hey Gary!

I would suggest copying and pasting your topic/opinions on the existing topic.

Moderators are able to split posts and put them into existing ones if that helps.

What topic exactly is this?



It was "my infinite flight setup " with pictures and a few questions I had about my yoke and instruments!

Was just wondering if theres an easy way of moving the post without having to start over again.


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You can try asking a moderator if they can merge the post with the already existing topic.

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ask the mods but remember thay can be busy so thay may take time to reply. or not, depends

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Thanks for the advice guys, will have to ask the mods to see what they can do πŸ‘

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BTW use the @ symbol to mention names @Gary_Trainor

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Hey! We won’t move things into features from those who are not able to post in the category themselves.