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What’s going on infinite flight fam?! I haven’t been flying/posting as we have just moved into our new residence!! I am beyond glad to finally be in the new house as it’s been a very long process for my parents, my siblings, and myself. That’s a different conversation though. Anyway, I have been thinking about switching to the Expert Server. I have been capable of flying expert for a while now but I’ve been scared to. Can someone, anyone, tell me some things I should know about the expert server? I would like to know the good things and the bad things… rules, regulations etc.


Learn the difference between departing and remaining in the pattern. Please.


Hello @JGordon !

A fantastic post on how to communicate correctly and well with Infinite Flight Air Traffic Control can be found here, please check this out, as you may need to refer to it for the beginning stages of your expert sever experience to ensure you have a good standing on your account and aren’t getting violations all the time.

I also highly recommend checking out our Infinite Flight User Guide, as it should be everyone’s first reference when looking to maintain a good status in Infinite Flight and the Expert Server. Below, I will link the flying guide, which includes videos and written explanations on how to preform and execute proper procedures and gives an overall guidance on how to fly properly on expert.

Lastly, Infinite Flight also offers a video library, where videos that are made about how to properly do Air Traffic Control techniques, services, and also different types of piloting skills and techniques such as VOR navigation, VNAV Descent, Go Arounds, Takeoff Procedures, and more! You can check that out here :

Expert is truly a fun experience, hope you enjoy the switch!


Welcome back, it’s great to have you! Adding onto @Shane’s reply and link, I recommend you check the following topic!

Also make sure you understand what the ATIS is ATIS & User Guide

  • Listen to every single thing IFATC directs you to do
  • Make sure you understand all of the sayings for contacting ATC and when talking to Unicom
  • If you don’t contact ATC correctly they will tell you to check the user guide

You should check it because I hear it a lot

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As a current Radar controller, learning how to work with Radar is something I can’t stress enough. Our workload can get quite intense at times, and it’s imperative people know how to work with us. Learning how to work with Local (Tower and Ground) is equally crucial.

Along with the above links, I’d strongly recommend you check out this Communications Manual written by a few IFATC Members. It’ll save you and us a lot of trouble!

Hope you enjoy your adventures on expert. :)


Don’t overspeed!



Please. Please. Please. And learn how to correctly call in for both inbound and transition

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One thing to realize about the expert server…it’s not as scary as some make it seem! If you’re flying to a busy airspace things can get fast paced and overwhelming if you’re not accustomed to that environment. Following ATC instructions while flying your aircraft and looking for other traffic, all while keeping your aircraft in a “violation-free” configuration can be interesting. However practice really helps, but overall flying on the expert server is a peaceful experience. I don’t need to worry about the chaos that ensues on the casual or even the training server, albeit sometimes there are people on expert that shouldn’t be there. Hope that helps!


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